PSI'S Series 4 production GENESIS "BIG-AIR" carb

   Big Torque Gains from Bottom thru Top End
   Boosts Power Incredibly 8-12%
   Guaranteed to see HP Gains, in most cases 6-15 HP

PSI'S Series 4 production GENESIS "BIG-AIR" carb's new features include; a much larger
billet float bowl design that also offers significant cylinder clearance, an optional dual cable pull,
3 flat-slide designs for the ultimate setup on any engine size, with 5-axised machined ribbed
that include Vortex Generators for low throttle settings to Maximize Velocity, and Large
Vortex Generators on top end for Maximum Air Control for an incredibly intense top end, A new  
easier to use external needle adjuster, very tight slide clearance, highly developed slide and
needle combinations for incredible throttle response and midrange snort, new o-ringed cable
mounting fittings, shorter throttle pull, and more airflow on top along with Rockin' Good LOOKS!!! 
Finalize that with a 3-yr warranty... Get SERIOUS - There is no competition!!!

American made Billet designs for great looks and superior performance! Check out our new
Series 4 GENESIS BIG-AIR" carb!!! Carb adjustments are made by turning external clicker
adjustments with the simple and easy concept of "righty-tighty and lefty-loosely".
Turn clockwise for less fuel and counter clockwise for more fuel - while the bike is running.
      No jets to change, all adjustments are made externally in seconds
      without fuel on your fingers! Better acceleration,cleaner drive-ability,much more
      Torque and Big HP gains! Flatslide design with superior V-Shaped
      technology and VORTEX Generators!!! Highly mystified Fuel vaporization keeps fuel in suspension throughout the intake process for incredible throttle response.

This Highly vaporized fuel helps meet
      2010 EPA standards thru its 'Clean Burn' process. PSI'S GENESIS "BIG-AIR" Carb is 'patented' for its unique designs and superior technology. Maximum Velocity at
      low speeds, Max Volume on top end! Highly Atomized Fuel is 4-5 times more vaporized
      than most other carburetion systems.

      Easy to achieve perfect Air/Fuel Ratio's-Super MPG. It will supersede all other carbs in performance and tune-ability! Guaranteed!!! Accelerate with the response of a
      38mm on the bottom, but flows more than a 48mm on top!
This GENESIS "BIG-AIR" carb is a highly sophisticated design concept but
engineered for the common laymen! Easy to use and understand,3 external
fuel adjustments; Pilot,Needle, and Power Jet are simple to adjust in seconds.
Hear, Feel and See immediate response to your carb adjustments for all
engine and pipe modifications, weather changes, humidity and/or elevation changes.
Better starting, Much Reduced Engine Vibration and great Fuel Mileage.
This is a product that actually works better than it sounds!!! There
are many technical advancements throughout the GENESIS "BIG-AIR" carb!
Hard-anodized flatslide rides on an innovative 8 ball bearing roller system.
Single cable pull for a clean and simple design with great looks or you
can use our optional second cable pull on our new Series 4 "BIG-AIR" carb.
Easy throttle pull and adjustable fuel inlet barb. This carb was designed to
be an easy and direct replacement for all S&S bolt-on Super G,D, & E carbs.

It is a direct bolt-on to a Super G 2-bolt intake manifold and also utilizes
the 3-bolt pattern of the Super G on the air cleaner side. It is the exact same
length front to back as an S&S Super G "Shorty Carb" (3.515 inches). So replace
20-year-old technology with a carb made for the future!
Replace that Mikuni(R)
Carb with a carb that does it all better, Bolt our GENESIS "BIG-AIR" on with an
S&S Super G manifold and add Big performance with the ease of tuning in seconds
and add 6-15 HP Gains along with massive Torque upgrades!
Who needs fuel injection when there is a better concept with less hassles and
costs and no computer guru necessary.

The "BIG-AIR" carb has no jets to mess with! Just 3 easy
external fuel adjustments and incredible fuel vaporization.
It just doesn't get any better than that!

Available in Bright Dipped Clear Anodized Billet, Bright Black Anodize or Chrome plated
for the ultimate experience. A 3yr warranty included!!!
manifold and air cleaner setup, to replace the stock OEM CV carb. This will add 6-10 HP
and a much stronger Torque curve, along with better mileage, less vibration, and all
external jetting in seconds. "With no fuel on your fingers ever again!" It will also start
better, run crisper, accelerate harder, and have Big Top End. We Guarantee this carb will
be one of the most impressive changes you will ever do to your stock Harley.

Join the Front Runners that have already gotten their PSI GENESIS "BIG-AIR" Carb. Guys like Reggie of
R&R Cycles, MONDO at Denver Choppers/ Pee Wee Pres.Las Vegas HA, Vince at Wide Open Cycles,
Brian at Revolution Performance, Dan Norlin At AHDRA Drags, Eric Warren of EWD Cycles,
Don at HEMI Designs, Extreme Custom Cycles, Roger Bourget Bikes, Aaron Green of Paramount
Cycles, Jerry Covington of Covington's Custom's, Eddie Trotta of Thunder Cycle Designs, Jay
Hart of Chop Smiths,Freddie at Brute Performance,Wayne of Bad Island Toyz, David Anthony Customs,
Red Hill Motorcycle Works, Dave at D&M Customs, Martin Bros Bikes, Mike of South Florida Choppers,
Rick at Tombstone Cycles,Viny At CMX Choppers, Ken at Z-Man Machining, Ray at Weston Choppers,
Todd at Thunder Valley Cycles, Jamie at Jamie's Customs, Garret&Chucky at Rock Hard Choppers,
Don Gray Customs, Iron Horse V-Twin, Bed Rock Thunder, Wes Jordan of Chrome Brothers Choppers,
Ron at Jaw Dropping Customs, Dennis at Deep South Choppers, Brett at APC, Cycle City Big Dog,
Venny at Walz Hardcore, Kevin at Fusion Werks, Josh at Gateway Big Dog, Carolina Harley, Trick
Factory Customs, Jack's Customs, Todd at Thunder Valley, Steve at GMR, Don at Strokerz, Bob at
Pirate Motorsports, Greg at Westbury Customs, Extreme Cycles, and Confederate Motor Company,
ETC, ETC, ETC. The list is growing everyday!

Clear Anodized Billet,and Bright Black Anodized Billet. Price: $1095.00
Chrome plated: $1295.00 Retail and Dealers Welcome.

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